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About Ron Computers
Ron Computers is fully own by Stromberg Sales and Services. The shop is located in a famous
shopping centre in Georgetown.
Ron has been dealing in computer business since year 1993 by maintaining and repairing the 1st personal
computer in the world, IBM XT PC which is using DOS operating system.
After years in Windows computers such as Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT, Ron has join
Apple Computers as an Sales Engineer from 1998. The job is to sales, service and maintaining OS8, 9
and 10. Ron also able to setup and troubleshoot networking on Apple with Apple, Windows to Windows
and Apple to Windows.
In year 2001, Ron has been appointed as an I.T. Manager in a famous automobile company in Penang.
Ron has contributed to build the world most famous automobile website which in full range and detail
about the product making the company step into one of the world automobile industry.
In year 2005, Ron has open a new company, Stromberg Sales and Services. This company dealing with
automobile performance parts such as petrol saver and booster, buy and sell used and new and
imported cars. Beside that, the company also dealing in computer business.
The below is the scope of work for Ron Computers:-
Microfost Windows System Macintosh OS System
 Networking setup and troubleshooting  Networking setup and troubleshooting
 Windows Installation and setup  OS9 and OS10 Installation and setup
 Virus and Worms Solulion  Virus and Worms Solulion
 Sincronization with Macintosh OS  Sincronization with Microsoft Windows
 On site or on shop Training  On site or on shop Training
Computer Hardware Computer Software
 Sales  Sales
 Installation  Installation
 Troubleshooting  Troubleshooting
 Repairing  Servicing
 Servicing  Upgrading
 Upgrading  On site or on shop Training
 networking supply, wiring and installation  
 On site or on shop Training Web Design and Hosting
Mobile Computer / Notebook  Video Making, Editing and Creating
 Sales  Designing
 Installation  Maintaining
 Troubleshooting  Troubleshooting
 Repairing  Servicing
 Servicing  Upgrading
 Upgrading  On site or on shop Training
 networking supply, wiring and installation